Shekari Group has used its three decades of experience in production of bicycles, bicycle parts and the cooperation with more than ten companies worldwide to become the top bicycle company in Iranian market. Shekari Company owns 6 official brands and owns the right of Overlord company of Taiwan in Iran. Shekari Group is working hard to use the resources that are available to make the best outcome possible for its clients and customers.
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We have promised to work consistently towards culture evolution

Here at Shekari Group, our products have a close bond with the environment, clean air, lack of traffic and better living. As a result, we have made a big step towards changing and modifying the culture and habits. Do you have an opinion related to bicycles or environment? We might be able to help you out with a solution. We are honored to hear your adventurous and life-changing opinions. It is essential to share it with us so we can help you with resolving the issue.

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