Introduction of Shekari Group

Bicycle, new lifestyle

We produce and import bicycle and its accessories in Iran. In our 30 years of experience, we have had business connections with over 10 worldwide brands of cycling and we have witnessed the distinguished role of bicycles in modern world. We understand the beneficial role of bicycles nowadays and by relying on our experience, we are more than ready to help with this cultural step.

Shekari Philosophy

Promoting health and happiness through cycling
We believe that in the Shekari group we offer a device that is related to the happiness of the people. People ride nature on bicycles, feel the caress of the wind and the warmth of the sunlight on their skin, and the sight of trees and the blue sky excites their hearts.
We believe that the role of cycling is very important in creating a new and vibrant attitude. Imagine a cyclist who, in the cool air, in the heart of nature, hears only the sound of his breath and the sound of nature, or instead of spending hours behind the boring traffic, go through a city, ride calmly under the blue sky to get to work, and with a moderate activity, your body’s metabolic cycle returns to normal, or imagine a child having colorful, childish dreams.
He rides his bicycle. We believe that by providing high quality bikes and exceptional performance, we are helping with achieving an amazing lifestyle. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of thirty years of Shekari group, we offer quality and attractive products for a new lifestyle in recognizing…